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Singaporegadgets.com is a website aimed at providing first hand information and insightful reviews about all the latest gadgets and gizmos which are released in the market. The types of electronic gadgets covered include tablets, laptops, personal computers, cameras, and mobile phones. Apart from providing the pros and cons of these electronic devices, the website also features comparative articles for the discerning buyer to peruse and take an informed decision.

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Iris is a unique platform that has been created by the Media professionals of today to nurture the interest and hone the skills of the of Media professionals of tomorrow. It is an attempt to break away from the monotonous, rote-styled pedagogy that makes it very difficult for one to flourish in the media. Practical, hands-on sessions under the watchful eyes of seasoned professionals is what transform a rookie into a confident, energetic professional – the need of the hour!

UTOO, the fresh entrant in urban commute, is a taxi-hailing service based out of Chennai. With the rise in cab aggregators in the country, there came in a necessity of building a perfect ecosystem for taxi service which is devoid of issues that ruins your taxi-hailing experience. At UTOO, it is our endeavour to sort out these issues of delayed pick up, shabby maintenance,lack of driving skills and disproportionate pricing that inflicts a great amount of anxiety.