We deal in products of superior quality which are designed to deliver satisfaction. The following is the brief glimpse of our products.
Enclosure systems
Baying systems TS 8, sheet steel
TS 8 baying systems – a system platform for just about any application. Every enclosure when used in conjunction with the system accessories, is a specialist for very specific tasks.
Baying systems TS 8, power distribution
Baying systems TS 8, for low-voltage switchgear with design certificate to IEC 61 439-1/-2 and DIN EN 61 439-1/-2
System enclosures SE 8
Full integration in the TS 8 product family. Stable enclosure body with two integrated mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and sheet steel door. Interior installation fully compatible with TS 8
Measure & Analyze Brands
Achieve remarkable results with the world’s most trusted and specified instruments for pressure, temperature, flow, level, and wireless applications.
Micro Motion
Achieve precision measurement and process control with Micro Motion. Our Coriolis flow, density and viscosity meters deliver reliable, repeatable and compatible performance over a wide range of applications.
Daniel Measurement and Control
Innovative fiscal flow measurement technologies and unparalleled application expertise for accurate and reliable oil and gas custody transfer.
Rosemount Analytical
Solve your toughest analytical challenges with best-in-class innovative technology that maximizes plant & personnel safety, performance, and profitability.