Yalmaa Trading Division will cater to the increasing demand for electrical and automation products for the industries located in the middle-eastern regions.
We will be supplying and dealing with products such as cabinets and meters to customers in the middle-east. Our focus will be on furnishing superior quality electrical and automation products which are personalized to the customer’s needs and available at affordable prices.
Yalmaa is an authorized exporter recognized by the Singapore Government. Being based out of Singapore places us in an unenviable position because we have access to the latest in the realm of electrical and automation products. Value and commitment guaranteed!
Customer centric approach
We strongly believe that trade is a service which has to be rendered in a customized manner which promotes customer satisfaction and fosters growth. This fundamental tenet on which Yalmaa Trading Division operates guides us in all our initiatives and helps us align our operations in a manner which is in sync with our philosophy.