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Yalmaa is a customer-centric firm which is the brainchild of young entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed to delivering excellence. We believe that every customer’s needs are unique and hence services should be tailor-made to suit the specific customer’s requirements. Consequently, our offerings are always customized and never generic. Yalmaa is in business since March 2014.
Our long-term vision is to develop and nurture talent in order to enrich the gamut of value-added services which we provide today.
Digital Agency
We are a digital solution and development firm. We work in tandem with Small and Medium Enterprises and develop and customize digital solutions.
Engineering Procurement
Engineering Procurement is an export/import arm of Yalmaa and its supplies electrical and automation products to customers in the middle-east and other parts of the world
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VSS Varusai is an e-commerce portal designed and developed by Yalmaa and
its build using Presta shop e-commerce framework
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Our core principles revolve around a customer-centric approach and completely start up and SME focused solution design which enhances the customer's reputation and augments their digital presence. The highest priority in Yalmaa is not only to understand the customer needs and requirements rather offer a right and cost-effective solution which creates value for the customers.

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Engineering Procurement
Delivering excellence by trading in
electrical & automation products
Yalmaa Engineering Procurement, the export/import arm of Yalmaa was founded in order to cater to the increasing demand for electrical and automation products for the industries located in the middle-eastern regions. Yalmaa Engineering Procurement division is supplying and dealing with products such as cabinets and meters to customers in the middle-east and it's an endeavour which is promoted by the Yalmaa founding team along with like-minded friends.
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